First United Methodist Church of Brighton
Saturday, August 30, 2014
Transformed by God to Transform the World

V.I.N.A. Dental Clinic

(V.I.N.A. = Vision,Integrity, Need, Action)

Mission Statement:
To provide quality, affordable dental care to Livingston County residents with limited finances and little to no access to dental care while upholding the professional standards of dentistry in a concerned and compassionate way.

The VINA Community Dental Center of Livingston County, MI, a non-profit outreach facility, will give people access to dental care and dental education.  Uniting people in the area, VINA will improve quality of life through better oral health, promoting dental care seeking behaviors and elevating prevention awareness.  By providing dental education materials, oral cancer screenings, and promoting balanced nutrition and healthy food selections, we believe we can impact patients' oral health and in turn, their overall systemic health. Contact the clinic at 810-844-0240 or