State of the Church October 2020

Oct. 7, 2020 Update

Rev. Jon Reynolds

We were back in the Sanctuary this last Sunday. Our ushers and greeters worked extremely hard to make sure everyone was safe in the sanctuary.
I want to thank the Trustees, the Men with Tools and COVID Task Force for helping us get our sanctuaries ready for worship.
Our church’s confirmation service will be taking place this Sunday during the 9:30 am service. We are grateful to share that Rev. Dr. Sherry Parker-Lewis will be joining us this Sunday for that service. This year we will be confirming 9 students!
I also want to thank our tech team for working on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to provide you with an online worship experience. We hope to have resolved all technical issues we have experienced.

Program Ministry

  • Small Groups have started and are meeting on Zoom and in person. We are grateful the church remains open for small groups to meet in the evenings.
  • Youth Ministry will be launching on Oct 18. Our new Director of Children & Student Ministries Bailey Brown will be contacting families to give them more information about that.
  • First Steps Preschool has been operating with classes Monday through Friday. If you see them, please thank Lisa Guise and her staff. They have done an outstanding job of adapting to the challenges that this school year has brought.
  • Echoes of Praise bell choir and church choir have begun gathering in person and online.


The congregation continues to give incredibly generously to the missions and ministries of the church. In September alone we received over $52,500. People have been giving through PayPal, phone, checks, EFTs, credit cards and through texting. Between the PPP loan and reduced costs we entered October in a strong financial place. That being said, we acknowledged that 2020 is a difficult year for many people financially. We know some of you have lost jobs and income due to the pandemic. We are about $62,000 where our pledged revenue projected us to be. We have worked hard to cut costs and spending this year.
Some people have given more this year knowing that it would be difficult for others we really appreciate your generous support. 2021 Stewardship Campaign


The scrap metal drive in September was success and we were pleased to raise money for Red Bird Mission. We sent volunteers to Habitat for Humanity, The Torch Food Truck, Fishes & Loaves, The NOAH Project, Cass Community Social Services in addition to engaging in new mission opportunities. We look forward to when we can send more teams in mission to ASP and Red Bird Mission.

Thank You

Pastor Lindsey and I are grateful for all of you. We are honored to be part of this community and your faith journey. Our doors are always open. We are excited to connect and hear more about your stories and your journeys of faith. Feel free to call us, email us or reach out on Facebook. Pastor Lindsey is teaching a New Member Class where seven people, even in the midst of this pandemic, have chosen to make this church their spiritual home. We can’t wait to receive them. We are a church that’s on a mission and excited to continue to grow. We hope that you will join us this Sunday in person or online as we celebrate the confirmation of these nine students as they continue to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God for your faithfulness and your witness. See you on Sunday.
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