Thirst Sermon Series

All around Michigan we can see bodies of water, from the great lakes, to rivers, streams and even swimming pools. During the summer, we might enjoy water for recreational use like swimming, fishing or kayaking. Water isn’t just for recreation, it’s also needed for life. What might the scriptures tell us about water? How does Jesus engage with water? Learn more and worship together on Sunday mornings! Sermon series runs through Sept. 6.

August 16
Calming Storms

Jesus calms the storm—What storm do you need calmed in life?   

Scripture: Mark 4:35-41

August 23 

Providing Enough

Do you trust there will be enough?  

Scripture: Exodus 17:1-7 (Moses strikes the rock) 

August 30

Living Water 

What are you thirsty for? 

Scripture: John 4:1-14 

Sept. 6 (Labor Day Weekend)

Hungry and Thirsty 

How are you serving? 

Scripture: Matthew 25:35-40 

What’s Next? How Can You Respond?


Watershed Discipleship – Join this online study offered through the Wesley Foundation at the Univeristy of Michigan.

If you or your small group want to start a water-related study, contact Pastor Lindsey ( or Pastor Jon ( for resources.

Climate Justice, which includes water-related issues as well as other environmental concerns, is a priority for United Methodist Women. Visit the UMW website for resources.

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