First United Methodist Church of Brighton
Wednesday, July 23, 2014
Transformed by God to Transform the World

400 E. Grand River Ave., Brighton, MI, 48116/810-229-8561
Join Us On Sunday Morning for Sunday Services:
  8:00 a.m.-Traditional service

                  Communion is served at this service every Sunday 
  9:30 a.m.-Traditional service
                  Communion is served on the first Sunday every month 
11:00 a.m.-Contemporary service 
                  Communion is served on the first Sunday every month 

Upcoming June and July Sermon Series
A New Look at Ancient Stories
June 6, Day of Pentecost (wear something red to church!)-“Can These Bones Live?”
Scripture-Ezekiel: 37. What did this passage really say to Israel? How is it connected to our understanding of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost? 

June 15,  "In the Beginning..."
Genesis 1:1,2,31 and 2:1-3
Making sense of creation, the end times and how it all works together.

June 22, “Through the Fire”
Scripture-Daniel 3:8-27. Why was the book of Daniel written and how did its stories influence the first hearers-is there any relevance for us?

June 29, "Jacob's Ladder"
Scripture: Genesis 28:10-17.
Where would you like to be in 10 years?

July 6, “Sent to Save the Nation”
Scripture-Judges 13:1-8, 24
Samson is a humorous character, the “Hercules” of the Bible. Why is his story included?  

July 13, “Your People Shall Be My People”
Scripture-Ruth 1:1-18
What is the book of Ruth really about? 

July 20, "Crossing the Red Sea"
Scripture-Select Passages from Exodus 14
We will be looking at the meaning and significance of crossing a seemingly impenetrable body of water. 

July 27, “And Miriam Sang”
Scripture-Exodus 15:20-21
Scholars believe that these two verses are among the most ancient texts of the Bible. Who is Miriam and what was her role in the Exodus? We’ll look at passages from both Exodus and Numbers. What does Miriam symbolize? 


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