UMW Book Recommendations

Every year the United Methodist Women of First UMC-Brighton & Whitmore Lake purchase books that are recommended by the national organization. Reading Program books are divided into five categories: Education for Mission,
Leadership Development, Nurturing for Community, Social Action and Spiritual Growth. We want to share these with the entire congregation. Anyone may check out books from the UMW library located in the parlor, Brighton Campus. There is a sign out book with easy instructions on the cover.

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April 2022 Book Corner

  • The Girl With Seven Names by Hyeonseo Lee
    This Social Action book is the story of one woman’s struggle to guide her family from North
    Korea to freedom.
  • One Dress, One Year by Bethany Winz
    This Education For Mission book shows how even small gestures can have a lasting impact.
    The author’s heart for justice leads her to wear the same black dress every day for a year.
  • The Boy Who Delivered Joy by Marvin Bartlett
    This Nurturing For Community book is a true and inspirational story about a young boy who
    did not let childhood cancer steal his spirit.
  • Speaking Well: Essential Skills For Speakers, Leaders, and Preachers by Adam Hamilton
    This Leadership book offers helpful information for people of all walks.
  • The Watcher by Nikki Grimes
    This Spiritual Growth book is a poem of compassion, friendship, and faith. Its beautiful
    artwork has earned awards for this children’s book that will be enjoyed by any age.

February 2022 Book Corner

The Book of Joy is the result of a 7 day meeting between the Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu,  two of the world’s most influential spiritual leaders. At this meeting they discussed the  important question: how do we find joy despite suffering? 

In 2015 Desmond Tutu traveled to India to the home of the Dalai Lama. They both had spent a  lifetime fighting non-violently against oppression in their countries and leading millions of  people in their spiritual journeys. 

The two wise men help the reader learn the process of turning suffering into joy. 

“We create most of our suffering, so it should be logical that we also have the ability to create more joy. When it comes to personal happiness there is a lot that we as individuals can do.”  

-Dalai Lama & Desmond Tutu 

Douglas Abrams, Tutu’s co-writer and editor, documented the conversation and put it in the form of this book. 

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