Faith & Racial Healing Program

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Do you want to address racism in your community, but don’t know where to begin? 

This eight-week program guides participants in understanding the history of racism in the United States, and opens the conversations to how we might work toward true reconciliation with God and restoration with one another. This is an ecumenical program, created by the JustFaith Ministries, based on Christian beliefs.
Open to all Livingston County residents regardless of religious affiliation. Sponsored by the Faith & Race Project, Faith & Justice Workgroup of the Livingston Diversity Council.

This program helps participants understand our collective history of racism and violence, that we might seek real restoration with God and one another. This program explains the historical context behind the wide racial inequalities we face today. Though this program focuses specifically on African slaves and their descendants, this program will open participants’ eyes to patterns of injustice that affect other people of color across the nation as well.

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