Red Bird Mission Team

Annual Outreach to Beverly, Kentucky

The Red Bird Mission in Beverly, Kentucky, serves the physical, educational and spiritual needs of Appalachia. There are opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate in the Oct. 8-13, 2023 trip. If you’d like to be on the mission team, contact George Lutz.

Some examples of work projects are window replacement, small room additions, painting, building porches or ramps, and grounds keeping. Other light-duty work is available such as office work, craft and community store helpers, and recycling. A single fee covers the cost of each person’s lodging, meals, and materials used.

In addition to providing mission opportunities, Red Bird Mission strives to provide an atmosphere where participants grow spiritually and gain a personal understanding of mission. Evenings are spent in Christian fellowship and learning about the diverse ministries of Red Bird Mission, which is part of the United Methodist Church.

Annual Scrap Metal Drive

The Red Bird Mission Team thanks everyone for supporting the scrap metal drive that took place  Sept. 11, 2021 at the Brighton Campus. Over $3,400 was raised in 2021! Save your metallic household items for the 2022 fundraiser! See list
By contributing your unwanted metallic items in this way, you are reducing the amount of waste into land fills and contributing to mission work — all money raised from the salvaged metal is for Red Bird Mission. Volunteers separate the metal from donated items to increase the salvaged value.
Fun fact…….when tearing apart a dryer. We get nine feet of small wire, the cord, the motor, a circuit board, the outside casing, which gets flattened, and usually a metal drum.
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