Meeting the Dental Needs of Our Community

Livingston Country Outreach

2021 Mission Focus

The VINA Community Dental Center is one of many inspiring ministries at our church. Through the generosity of the church and the community, $10,000 was raised for new x-ray equipment for VINA Community Dental. Having this diagnostic equipment on site has greatly enhanced the care and treatment of patients. Thank you!

VINA Dental Center
VINA is a low cost dental facility on our church campus providing dental care to low income, uninsured residents of Livingston county. Visit their website at , or contact them at 810-844-0240 or

Need dental help? Check your eligibility.

VINA Sponsored Fundraisers

Events website link

Spring Gala

March 11 – Lakelands Golf & Country Club

Golf Classic

July 17 – Lakelands Golf & Country Club

UM/MSU Tailgate

October 19 — Crystal Gardens


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