Facebook Fundraisers

If you are a Facebook user, you can create your own Facebook Fundraiser for First United Methodist Church!

Ready to start your Facebook Fundraiser? Just follow these steps:


Get Started

Click here to start creating your fundraiser through First UMC – Brighton Campus

Title your Fundraiser

Give your fundraiser a compelling title. People are drawn to customized titles and eye-catching images.

Tell your Story

In the text box that says, “Why are you raising money?”, tell your story of why you want to raise money for a particular cause the church is supporting. The more personal you make your case, the more likely people will support your fundraiser. Share if you have a timely reason for people to support your efforts, like if it’s your birthday or there is a deadline/goal.

Select a Photo

You can use our graphics for your fundraiser (save to your device first), or some other personal photo that amplifies your message.

Hit “Create”!

Thank you for starting a fundraiser! Now, we have a few tips to help guarantee a successful fundraiser.


Tips for a Successful Fundraiser

  1. If you can, consider making the first donation, whether it’s $5 or $50. Fundraisers that already have some donation activity are more likely to spur additional donations.
  2. Consider writing a post on your fundraiser page to update people about its progress. This helps generate more visibility for your fundraiser on other people’s Facebook feeds.
  3. Share your fundraiser page link with friends who may be interested in supporting you on your birthday.
  4. Thank your donors!

Download printable instructions pdf

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